How to Let the Guy Who Kinda Looks Like Your Ex Ruin Your Whole Day

It turns out the guy over there that looks just like your ex is not actually your ex. Thank god! The panic is done rushing through your body, but you aren’t about to let those feelings disappear just yet! Here are the best ways to let the guy who kinda looks like your ex ruin your whole day, and maybe even tomorrow, too!


Don’t Stop Thinking About It

The first step is to never let go of those few moments of full-body terror when you thought you might have to talk to your ex. That heart-churning feeling of deciding whether to play it cool, yell in his face, or flee is something you definitely want hanging over you for at least the rest of the day. The key to properly dwelling on this is to replay him talking about your “arm fat” over and over in your head. So press rewind and play, baby, because you’re going to be living in this horror until you go to sleep!


Be on the Lookout

Now that you almost spotted your ex in nature once, it’s going to feel like it’s happening many more times throughout the day. So focus all your energy on any man that bears even a mild resemblance to your ex, even if it’s just that they wear the same kind of shoes he used to wear when he was definitely for sure cheating on you. You’re on your way to a wildly upsetting, paranoia-filled day of constantly checking over your shoulder!


Stalk Him Online

You’ve been doing great not scrolling endlessly through his pictures for things to despise about him, but that’s all out the window now that you’ve had this near-death experience! So type his name into every app on your phone and let the hours roll on by. The only way to keep that fear in your system is to feed it!



Tell That Guy He Looks Like Your Ex

Keep this fear train rolling by making things harder and harder for yourself. Go right up to that guy, giggle, and say, “This is totally random, but you look just like my ex.” Because, after all, he looks like the ex you were once very attracted to, but he’s a completely different person. Plus this meet-cute might lead to you dating the new guy and being constantly reminded of your ex for the rest of your brief relationship!


Next time you think you see your ex but then it’s not him, linger in that feeling for a while. Might as well let that ex keep ruining your life!