Vocal Warmups For Meekly Shouting, ‘Someone’s In Here!’ From The Starbucks Bathroom

There’s no more universally uncomfortable situation than being in a public bathroom when someone knocks or tries to enter while you’re in there. If you’re wondering exactly how to meekly whisper, “Someone’s in here!” while a man is shaking the door on the single-stall bathroom, we’ve got some vocal warm-ups that will get you vocally prepared for mumbling, “Someone’s in…sorry, please, I – one minute!”


Prolonged Hum

This pre-bathroom vocal warmup will get your vocal cords nice and warm for your barely audible reply to someone pounding on door that is clearly marked “occupied.” Simply take a slow breath in and then exhale while saying, “hummmmm.” Undoubtedly you’ll still end up saying, “One minute!” in barely a whisper, but getting on voice will help protect your voice when you sound like a spooky bathroom ghost!


High-to-Low Pitch

Right before you muster the courage to ask a stranger to watch your laptop so you can head to the bathroom, try sighing from the top of your vocal range to the bottom and back up. Now you’re ready for whatever weird, muffled thing you’ll meekly shout when someone starts violently jiggling the doorknob.



You can bet Julie Andrews handles uncomfortable public bathroom exchanges like a pro! To make your awkward, toilet-bound response a sound of music, perform a few rounds through the tonal scale before you even think about heading to that single stall with the line out the door in the back of your local Starbucks. Yes, people around you will be looking at you, but the joke will be on them when they’re stuck pants-down and haven’t warmed up their voice before they mutter, “Someone- I’m….Here….DON’T COME IN PLEASE!”



“Leave the Lazy Lion Alone”

Little known fact: diction is just as important as vocal projection when it comes to murmuring a submissive response to a knock on the bathroom door. So try saying this phrase a few times to make sure you’re articulate when you accidentally stammer, “Hello, it’s me!”


Don’t forget your vocal cool down after the harrowing interaction is coming to an end. This is best performed as you’re exiting the bathroom and for some reason feel compelled to mutter, “sorry,” even though you were only in there for three minutes.