Uh Oh: Woman Who Has Experienced Entire Pandemic Stoned Still Can’t Roll a Joint

After nearly a year of being locked indoors with nothing to do but smoke weed and eat snacks, 28-year-old Tamara Haddad has still managed to fail at adequately rolling a joint.


We really don’t know how she managed to not do this!


“I’ve watched Youtube tutorials, I’ve had friends show me how, but every time, it all seems to fall apart right at the end,” says Tamara. “Maybe I just lack the fine motor skills? Or maybe I just temporarily have non-working hands.”


Or maybe you’re already a little too high, babe! But go off!


Tamara has attempted to roll hundreds of joints over the past year, at least 90% of which were not adequately packed and with improperly ground greens resulting in a loose roll with wet, torn paper, which she inevitably smoked anyway.


“Every time it would just stop burning, or the greens would just fall out on my lap,” Tamara adds. “But then I’m like, oh well, I’m high.”



With hours and hours of free time, Tamara kept forgetting to actually try the skills she saw in the Youtube videos after she watched them, most likely because she was too high already.


“I just don’t think I have the drive to learn new things anymore,” Tamara added. “Is that depression or am I just too high?”


Could be either babe! We’re worried about you either way!!