Uh Oh! These Coworkers Talked Too Much and Now They Have to Have Indoor Recess

Most employees like to have a little fun in the office, but when two coworkers Juliana Petrelli and Sakinah Willis were side-talking too much in their cubicles, they were swiftly punished by having to have indoor recess for the day.


Uh oh! 


“We don’t even get to have regular recess normally,” Juliana said. “So this really sucks.”


“I would rather have my boss dock my pay than have to spend recess inside,” Sakinah said. “I think it’s safe to say that I’ll never misbehave like that again.”


Lesson learned!


Their boss, Clara Thompson, also provided a comment on why she made the decision to give her employees such a cruel punishment.


“I’ve tried everything to get them to stop talking. I’ve separated their seats, given them extra take-home work, and even called their respective parents,” she said. “Hopefully, giving them indoor recess will finally do the trick.”


In other corners of the office, some of Juliana and Sakinah’s coworkers are also pretty angry with them for being collateral damage in their punishment. 


“I never even talk during work,” one coworker, Mike Horowitz, said. “I can’t believe those two ruined recess for the rest of us! I’m definitely telling HR about this.”



However, other coworkers seem to be surprisingly alright with the decision.


“At least it’s better than being sent to the CEO’s office,” Elizabeth Rowland, another coworker, said. “I’d take indoor recess over that any day.”


“My boss told me that if we keep this kind of behavior up, we’ll get expelled,” Sakinah said. “Which means ‘fired’, basically. Well actually it fully means that.”


The employees of the company reportedly plan on spending their indoor recess in total silence, solemnly drawing pictures or reading books. 


However, according to our sources, if they’re really good next week they’ll get to have a pizza party!