Uh Oh, Jenna Got Too High At The Aquarium

Oops! What started as a pretty foolproof plan (to get high and go to the aquarium) turned into a nightmare when Jenna accidentally got way too fucking high at the aquarium.


Jenna started her Sunday getting stoned with her boyfriend at home before hopping on a bus to the aquarium. It was in the parking lot of the aquarium, however, where she made her fatal mistake when she suggested they light up one more time.


As she entered the aquarium it hit her – she was way too high to fucking handle this shit.



The beautifully unfurling octopus that would’ve normally dazzled her stoner mind suddenly felt like a metaphor for the dangers of climate change. The normally cheerful patter of the sea lion show made her feel like the crowd was crushing in on her. And her fave aquarium cafeteria cheesy fries were not enough to distract her from the looming sense of dread caused by the giant whale hanging above her.


This was not good.


Jenna tried to take deep breaths and lose herself in the normally calming wave motions of the stingray exhibit. But the wave of nausea followed by the smell of penguin poop kept wafting into her nostrils, telling her to get out now! There is no time!


Jenna’s boyfriend eventually had to take her outside where she sat against a brick wall and watched Youtube videos on her phone of sea creatures in the wild to calm herself down.

“I don’t know if I can go back there,” she says. “I just suddenly felt very claustrophobic, and why are we doing this to those poor animals? Maybe I should take some CBD to take the edge off.”