Feminist Fail: Show Starring Women Doesn’t Single-Handedly Demolish The Patriarchy

In a crushing loss for womankind, the release of a new Netflix show with a brilliant cast of female leads has not single-handedly demolished the patriarchy.


“Finally, a show made by women, for women,” a prominent TV critic had written when the series was first announced. “I can’t wait until this 10-episode series ends misogyny for good. I’ll finally be able to review TV shows without receiving death threats.”


Expectations for the half-hour comedy, which was also written, directed, and produced by women, were understandably high. However, in an embarrassing turn of events for both Netflix and half the world’s population, the release of the series did not stop toxic masculinity in its tracks. Instead, it was a well-watched show that most people enjoyed and a few people didn’t like.


Humiliating! It’s hard to imagine where feminism will go from here.


“It was a huge disappointment,” admitted a Netflix exec who wished to remain nameless. “Everyone is always asking us to create content with more women, but then some of those women insist on making funny, entertaining television, not upending the world as we know it. If we ever hire a woman again, we’ll be a lot more careful.”


Viewers and critics alike took to social media to express their shock that one television show couldn’t end an ancient, pervasive prejudice. Talk about an embarrassing time to be a lady!



“Explain this, feminists: if this show was so woke, why was one of the main characters married to a man?” tweeted a popular gamer who makes more money than you.


“This show was a mixed bag,” wrote one feminist blogger. “On the one hand, that speech about workplace harassment was as hilarious as it was inspiring. On the other hand, is the writing that good if Chad still asks me whether I’m wearing a bra every morning?”


While this was a crushing loss for feminism and might just mean the end of women, racial justice activists remain hopeful: an upcoming Burger King ad featuring a mixed-race family is expected to finally put a stop to racism.