Two-Woman Apartment Has Seven Types of Milk

What began with the accidental purchase of cashew and almond milk in early March has brought the total milk count to seven in the apartment shared by roommates Kim and Amanda.


“Of course, we each have our own dairy milk,” explains Kim, pointing to traditional pasteurized, homogenized cow’s milk in the fridge. “But I like skim milk, Amanda likes 2% and whole milk depending on its use for coffee or cereal.”


“Plus we have vegan creamer, cashew milk, milked walnuts, and two half-and-halfs that we mixed together to make one whole milk,” Amanda adds.


“All of this depends on taste,” Kim shares. “I like a nutty, but not too nutty milk on my cereal, so that’s going to be cashew milk for sure, unless I’m out of that, in which case I will make a smoothie with lactose-free milk because I’ve recently found out I’m allergic to milk. Like, dairy milk.”



The women are generally able to keep remarkable track of who owns which milk.


“For a time, Kim needed goat milk for her glands, according to the nutritionist that she sits next to during spinning,” states Amanda. “And we’ve also got some… chunky chickpea milk? Oh wait, this one is just hummus. I’m sorry, all I see is milk now.”


“Does this word even make sense anymore?” Amanda says. “It’s lost all meaning to me. MIILLLLKK.”


The seven milks are in containers of various sizes, and have recently displaced the five “butters” that bear no resemblance to the churned cream product that has existed for centuries.