Tragic! This Woman’s Phone is Ringing

In a disheartening and shocking update, it appears that as of 7:31pm PST, Sierra Tanner’s phone is ringing.


The 27-year-old was reportedly sitting on her couch after getting home from work when the unfortunate incident occurred. Little is currently known about the circumstances surrounding the call, but the mere fact that a call is occurring is reason for sympathy.


“It started buzzing in front of me on the coffee table,” Sierra tells us. “I haven’t even looked at who’s calling. Doesn’t matter. It just ringing is such a bummer.”


The tragedy was compounded by the fact that Sierra had already put on pajama pants, and that she had in fact already spoken to several people that day.


“It’s like, I have to talk to people all the time,” she continues. “And now all of a sudden I’m expected to do it some more when I haven’t mentally prepared in any way? It’s too much.”


The ringing of a phone, while not a unique event, is inherently a tragic one, experts say. The idea of having to speak on the phone when it’s not anticipated can lead to awkwardness and embarrassment, two emotions most healthy adults are not seeking out when sitting on their couch at home.


Sierra’s friends and family sympathized with her experience. Many shared similar happenings of their own.


“My phone rang last week when I was on a walk,” says Meredith Connor, 28. “My immediate thought was, ‘this is horrible’.”


One friend, Alex Gomez, shared a particularly traumatic story.


“I had just gotten out of the shower,” Alex says. “I was feeling great. Then, from my jeans pocket on the floor, I heard it buzzing. I just went and sat on my bed and thought about things for a while.”



While Sierra has yet to confirm the caller, she has offered several theories.


“It could be spam,” Sierra tells us. “In which case, great, no talky needed. But still, damn them for putting me in this state in the first place.


“Or it could be my mom, who I would actually enjoy talking to right now. But again, at what cost? Doesn’t she know what she will have put me through to get me on the phone? Having to hear my phone ring?? Not cool, Mom.”


Ultimately, no truly good outcomes are available when the circumstances are this upsetting. So who was on the other line?


“I dunno,” Sierra tells us. “It went to voicemail before I checked. Now I just have to pray they don’t leave a message.”