Totally Fine! This Woman’s Boyfriend of 2 Weeks Is Coming on Your Cabin Trip

In an unexpected turn of events, your long-awaited cabin trip will be attended not only by your close group of four girlfriends, but also now by Charlotte’s boyfriend of two weeks. This is going to be totally fine and is absolutely no big deal!


Three months ago, when you texted all your friends to plan and then rented the perfect cabin that would fit everyone comfortably, it was allegedly just the five of you having a ladies weekend. So you were understably shocked when Charlotte texted three days before the trip asking if “David could come along.”


Yep, that’s absolutely okay and you’re in no way annoyed by this!


“It would be one thing if we all knew David or they were married or something,” says Marlena Gonzalez. “But Charlotte met David two weeks ago at a sports bar. She’s literally been to his apartment four times. But it’s freaking fine, the more the merrier I guess!”


Sources confirm when Charlotte texted asking if David could tag along, the other girls immediately responded with thumbs up, then quickly formed a group chat to discuss the situation.


“This weekend trip was for our friend group to catch up and not for some random man with a grimy Instagram to invite himself to,” says Leela Vernon. “But if she asks it’s absolutely ok with us and we actually think it sounds fun!”


“Off the record, she clearly doesn’t value our friendship if she’s willing to sabotage our plan by inviting some keg-loving douche who we’ll have to listen to her fuck all weekend,” says Marlena. “But on the record, I’m totally cool with it and can’t wait to meet him!”


Despite your unconvincing attempts to express enthusiasm, Charlotte is happy she gets to spend time with her girlfriends and also her new dumb fling that will inevitably end in a few weeks’ time.




“Things are moving quickly with David and I just couldn’t be away from him for the weekend,” says Charlotte. “I think he’s the one!”


Sure! Yep, yep! He probably is!!