This Woman Went Home to Her Parents for Thanksgiving Because She Was Already Living There

Everyone seems to have an excuse as to why their particular case allows for them to go home for the holidays, and 23-year-old Hannah Dynowicz is no exception: Dynowicz is flagrantly flouting CDC guidelines and spending this Thanksgiving in her parents’ Baltimore home – because she already lives there.


“To be fair, I’m not traveling, unless you count walking up the stairs as travel!” Dynowicz laughs. “Yeah I, uh, live in the basement. I can’t afford rent.”


Dynowicz is indeed lucky to spend this special day with loved ones while so many will spend it alone in order to stop the spread of a deadly pandemic, and she won’t soon forget it.


“I can’t believe people’s selfishness,” says her friend, Rebecca Townsend. “You don’t think I’d like to see my family right now? I wouldn’t particularly, but still, you understand my point.”


“And yes, I know that she moved home in August,” adds Townsend. “But still, I feel how I feel.”



However, Dynowicz remains unmoved by those who speak out against her.


“It is just a thing of, like, I live here and am spending Thanksgiving with my established household as has been urged everyone do,” Dynowicz says. “But I understand that people are feeling upset and frustrated right now, and it can feel like an insult to see a peer with their family, even if they’re not doing anything wrong. Which again, to be clear, I am not. I don’t even really want to be living here.”


At press time, Dynowicz still had no shame.