Living Legend? This Woman Just Vacuumed

Just in from Tampa, Florida: After a six-month struggle, living legend Meredith Baxter has just vacuumed her entire living room rug.


“I don’t know what came over me, but I was sitting there looking at all the crumbs and cat hair on the carpet and I thought, maybe I should vacuum? And then I did!”


Meredith didn’t let her 25-week streak of not vacuuming stop her from getting down and dirty with the dusty appliance.


“I had to move a bunch of boxes out of the way to get it out of the closet, but it was so worth it,” says Meredith. “My rug is so clean!”



Meredith even moved some items of furniture off the rug so that she could vacuum behind them.

“Not the couch, obviously, because that shit is heavy.”


Meredith was on such a high from vacuuming that she almost did the unthinkable –wiping down her kitchen counters.


“Maybe tomorrow,” she said, pouring herself a drink. “Right now, I’m celebrating my achievement.”