This Brave Man Hates Social Media Witch Hunts So Much He Decided To Start His Own

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Faced with the difficult decision of having to either listen to women or talk over them, one man spoke above the crowd in his brave yet endearing attempt to make somebody else’s rape about himself. 29-year-old Dave Harrison was sick of seeing public attacks on an alleged rapist, and so he asked for that energy to be put elsewhere.


“I hate this society we live in where social media dictates how we should discuss things,” Harrison tweeted this morning to his thirty thousand followers. “These witch hunts started by @AmandaNewman, @KatieLeGuin and @BethanyDiaz cannot be tolerated.”


Harrison then encouraged his followers to tweet at these women in order to put an end to what he calls “social media lynch mobs.”


“I saw a problem, and I knew I could no longer stay silent,” Harrison said in a video to his fans, wiping Dorito dust from his fingers onto his bathrobe. “When you see someone being publicly victimized like that, you feel so disheartened. But, I knew in my heart there was a way—and I had to find it.” How brave!


We praise Harrison for being a spokesperson to an important issue at what many say was the best possible moment for him to do so.



“The Internet can be relentless in the way it attacks the ‘bad guy,’” Harrison smiled. “So I just made sure that awful energy was placed elsewhere, like on these predatory victims.”




Harrison’s passion to end these witch-hunts is rivaled only by his many followers, who have taken it upon themselves to find and attack the women they believe to be responsible for such damaging accusations.


“Even though it had nothing to do with me, I was feeling attacked,” said one of Harrison’s follwers, @MyDadsAGreatMan69. “What these women do is evil. They ought to be ousted, ostracized, and shunned for it. I see no other way.”


“To name a rapist against his will is disgusting,” said Twitter user @MyDadLovesMe. “We must address this grave injustice and hold accountable the people responsible.”


“I don’t have any problems with women,” Harrison told us, “However, I do find those who have a problem with me to be extremely problematic and almost always incorrect.”


“The truth is, I have tons of female friends and every single one of them agrees with all of the things I do and say. Furthermore, my mother was a woman.”


His mother was a woman?! Could we be any more in love???


Harrison plans to continue his noble task of fighting self-righteous Social Justice Warriors by tweeting every day about them without rest, until he sees the real change he so desires: rapists getting away with it a full 100% of the time.


Bravo, sir!