Jen Is Annoying on Social Media But Is Also A Kween Who Slays

Jennifer Bronner is widely regarded by friends as “totally horrible on social media,” but also, according to their comments, she is totally a “kween who slays.”


After complaining about the toxicity of her social posts, friends note Jen’s rampant narcissism, her devotion to capitalism, and the flaunting of her privileged lifestyle. And yet, it is on the posts that evoke these harmful traits that these same friends also comment, “Yaaas Jen!” and “You r KILLING it in this coat! ;))”


For example, Jen recently posted an Insta of herself wearing a bindi on her family’s private yacht, which she accompanied with #blessed. While many friends privately noted that it was offensive and culturally appropriative, the comments of the photo were full of affirmations of Jen’s kweenliness, such as “ZOMG u slay me,” and “Tru. ly. Stun. ing.”


Asked about the discrepancy between their comment and actual attitude, friend Lisa Bergino explained, “Oh my God, Jen is trash. But you have to admit, she does look gorge.”


“Yes,” said another friend, Andrew Tuttle. “She’s so terrible. I legit hate her. But the pics are amaze. I just can’t unfollow.”


Jen recently posted a photo of herself in her closet holding 16 Fendi handbags at once, captioned with “TFW u don’t know what to do with all ur fendi, lol.” Friends were outraged, texting each other screenshots with captions like, “Can you fucking believe this bitch?”


However, the post still garnered nearly 200 likes.


“She’s disgusting but also I’d love for her to keep sharing photos of her clothes and shit,” says Lisa. “It’s like, goals.”



At the conclusion of the interview, Jen could be seen sitting amongst her friends, but ignoring them to check each and every person that had viewed her Insta story.