Theft Case Dismissed After Plaintiff Finds Hoodie in Her Own Room

The ongoing sweatshirt theft investigation filed one week ago by Alicia Houston was finally brought to an end once sufficient evidence proved that no one had stolen it in the first place.


Alicia has dropped the charges against several friends and one boyfriend after finding her hoodie in her own room, in exactly the same place where she had put it earlier.


Before this evidence was found, Alicia was adamant that it must have been stolen by someone close to her, with the intent to harm her emotionally.


“I know where I keep my sweaters and sweatshirts,” Alicia said. “And I can’t find my favorite one anywhere. Obviously, someone had to steal it, because it’s such a great hoodie!”


Alicia accused multiple people of stealing her favorite hoodie, but after eliminating most of the suspects from her list, she ended up pressing charges against one person in particular: her boyfriend, Jason.


“No one is closer to me, or has been in my room as much as him,” Alicia told reporters. “And he’ll pay for what he’s done, unless he stops lying about it and finally gives it back to me the next time I see him.”



However, once Alicia’s legal team served Jason a court summons via text message, Alicia looked in her bottom dresser drawer and found the sweatshirt laid out on top of the rest of her clothes, where it belongs.


“We might have been incorrect about the location of the hoodie,” Alicia’s legal team said in a statement. “But the plaintiff did have her reasons to accuse Jason of stealing her prized possession, and we won’t apologize for her vigilance and sound reasoning.”


According to Alicia, Jason had also mistakenly taken her lip balm and put it in his bag for a whole week once.


At press time, Jason is relieved to have finally beaten the allegations against him, but he is preparing a countersuit against Alicia for emotional distress and libel.