Woman’s Unpopular Opinion Actually Extremely Heinous

While most unpopular opinions are benign takes, such as loving pineapple pizza or thinking Breaking Bad is overrated, 25 year-old Ainsley Parker has taken a different route by sharing an unpopular opinion which is actually extremely heinous.


“Ok, unpopular opinion, but like, there are too many homeless people in this city and we should get rid of them,” said Ainsley, fully expecting her friends Sophie and Bryce to snap in agreement with her Final Solution-esque statement wrapped in a cutesy tone. “Hot take, I know!”


“It’s just so depressing and hard for me to see them on the street like that,” Ainsley went on, while stretching out on a daybed and readjusting the temperature of her climate-controlled, parent-financed 1,000 sq. foot, one-bedroom apartment. “Not everyone’s gonna agree with me on this one.”


When asked to elaborate on what she meant by “get rid of them,” Ainsley initially struggled to defend her position that human beings who have fallen on hard times should be purged by the state.


However, she soon found her footing after doing some Simone Biles-level fucked up mental gymnastics.



“Um…maybe someone could build a place for them to go? That’s like, not a prison, obviously, but they also can’t leave? I don’t know, I just don’t want to have to interact with them? I know this opinion is too edgy for some people to deal with.”


Unfortunately, this free-sharing of ideas and discourse came to a sudden halt when Ainsley, who is deeply passionate about rescuing abused and stray animals, realized she was late for her shift at the no-kill shelter.


“I think Ainsley thought she was being fun and relatable by sharing her ‘unpopular opinion,’ but she actually revealed a shocking lack of empathy,” Sophie says. “Bryce even tried to give her the opportunity to walk back what she said, but she just called herself a ‘problematic fave.’ It’s like she really thinks this is just a cutesy opinion to have.”


“Also, I’m not sure how to tell her that an opinion can’t be a ‘hot take’ if it’s also a crime against humanity,” Bryce adds.


Whether it’s about low-rise jeans or Israel/Palestine, we hope you take at least one second before speaking your truth, Ainsley!