Veggies You Can Just Toss Into a Slow Cooker and Forget About Forever

As a woman on the go, you probably don’t have time to cook healthy meals seven days a week! That’s where slow cookers come in: Slow cookers are easy to use, safe to operate, and require almost no food prep whatsoever! But the very best thing about slow cookers is that you can leave them on all day long while you’re not home, allowing you to forget about whatever you’re cooking and just go on with the rest of your life as if nothing happened. Here are some vegetables you can throw into your slow cooker and then forget about forever.


Sweet Potatoes, Cauliflower, Brussels Sprouts

Yum! This autumn medley is sure to make your taste buds happy, and only requires ten minutes of prep! Just chop up the veggies, season with salt and pepper to taste, and throw them in a slow cooker for, I don’t know, the rest of your life? Whatever. It’s a slow cooker. It’s supposed to be slow, right? Just plug it in and abandon it and see what happens later.


Onion, Corn, Beans, Tomatoes

Craving a healthy alternative to chili? Too busy living your dang life to stir a pot for four hours? No problem! Chop up some onions, corn, beans and tomatoes, season with chili powder, toss into your slow cooker, and then leave them in there for eternity. You’re pretty sure that’s how you do it. That’s like the whole point of slow cookers as far as you know. It’s so easy that you literally never need to think about those veggies again. Thanks, slow cooker!


Asparagus, Brussels Sprouts, Broccoli

A recipe so delicious even your kids will eat it! Simply toss these greens into a slow cooker and let that beautiful machine do the work for you. You can just leave them in there for honestly, who knows how long?? Wait a second: If the slow cooker is doing your job, then who are you? What is your purpose? What are you even doing with your life? Better figure it out while the slow cooker makes food that you’ll forget to eat or even think about.




You have a job. You have kids. You have so many kids. So don’t stress dinner. Just stick some beans in a slow cooker and walk out the door…forever! Just leave and don’t look back. You’ll want to look back, but don’t. This is your life now. Your future ahead of you, and a pot of assorted beans behind you. Let the slow cooker do its thing. All hail the slow cooker.


I Don’t Know, Corns?

Yum yum, corns. You turned on your slow cooker and you left your house. You didn’t pack a bag but it’s okay. The kids will eat the corns in the slow cooker, but you never will because you’re gone. Yummy corns. You did a good today so pat yourself on the back, you lil’ cooker! Nobody has time for cooking except the slow cooker! You’ve already forgotten your daughter’s name.


Wow! Life with a slow cooker sure is easy. So stop spending you’re whole day cooking, and start spending your whole day forgetting about what you put in the slow cooker.