The Best Master’s Degrees to Give You Two More Years of Purpose

With an ever-changing employment landscape, and a greater population with undergraduate degrees than ever, it can be hard to find your way in this world. That’s why it might be time to consider a Master’s program. Here are the best degrees that may or may not get you a job or really figure out what you want to do with your life, but are guaranteed to buy you at least two more years with a sense of purpose.


Social work.

From clinical work to public policy, pursuing this degree will set you up with a wealth of potential career paths and teach you an endless amount about how messed up the world and social work actually is, such that you’ll probably be disillusioned, disoriented, and back to square one by the time you get that diploma in your hand. But at least you passed a couple trips around the sun where you knew what you were supposed to do every day!


Art history.

An M.A. in art history might not give you an obvious postgrad track, but it will give you something far more pressing: lots of deadlines! You don’t have time to think about why you were put on this Earth when you’re in the library churning out a 25-page paper on 19th century French realism, nor should you. In many programs, you can even combine this degree with one in architecture, and then you might even kill three or four years! Ah, to have something forcing you to read again. Better than waiting to die!



Dental hygiene.

Do you want to be a dental hygienist? No? Well, what do you want to do? That’s what we thought.


Critical theory.

What is critical theory? And also, what isn’t? From the Frankfurt School to Judith Butler, a masters in critical theory will give you a couple of years deciphering the densest texts ever written, and a lifetime of trying to explain what a masters in critical theory is. Not bad!


Education is a lifelong journey, but sometimes you just need to have 730 days where you can wake up and know where you’re supposed to be. And if you don’t end up getting a masters, you can at least kill the next hour googling various programs!