The ‘60s Are Back! Why Won’t They Just Leave Us Alone?

There’s one trend that’s dominating fashion this fall, and it’s the swingingest decade of all! That’s right: the ‘60s are back! Why won’t they just leave us alone?


Mini-skirts, knee-high boots and bobs, oh my! Though they’ve been given a modern spin, there’s no doubt that the ‘60s have returned, and we can only ask: what will they take from us this time? And what will be left in their wake?


Florals and groovy prints are popping up all over the place! Blouses, dresses, and even coats all seem a little bit funkier now that the ‘60s have returned. What do they want from us? Weren’t the ‘90s enough for them? Will it EVER be enough for them?



Oversized collars and capes will keep you cozy this fall in an array of ‘60s shades! Why are they doing this to us? Don’t they see how we’ve suffered?


Trapeze dresses! Shift dresses! Babydoll dresses! Kaftans! The ‘60s have a hand in every one, and dear God, we’re powerless to stop them. What else can they take? What more damage can they do?!


Pastel colors, platform shoes: It’s all over. The ‘60s have already won. There’s no fight left to fight, my child. All we can do now is sit back and watch the world burn.


So be sure to pick up these fun fall trends on your next shopping spree! And remember: the ‘60s are watching you, and they won’t stop. They’ll never stop. You can only keep running.