Take Your Look from Day to Night to Walk of Shame

Day to Night Looks

You’re a busy lady: you go to work, you go out for the evening, and you take the shameful walk of a ruined woman from a strange man’s apartment to your office the next day. How can one outfit work for all the needs of your demanding modern lifestyle?

Add a Statement Necklace

A bold piece of jewelry will transform your entire ensemble. Throw on a funky choker when you ditch the cubicle for Happy Hour, then swap it for a smart watch in the A.M. No one will know that the put-together woman who lead the sales team meeting yesterday woke up in the unfamiliar bed of a man she barely knows.

Switch Up Your ‘Do

Put your hair in a bun. Take your hair out of a bun. Put your hair back in a bun. This easy tweak will alter your whole appearance, so no one will realize that one lady could fall so far in less than 24 hours.


Change Your Make-Up

For a fun night out, create a smoky eye with charcoal eyeliner and lengthening mascara. The next morning, raid your unfamiliar lover’s medicine cabinet for anything that will scrub away the evidence of your indiscretion. You’ll come to work red and blotchy, but you can just tell them you got a pretty aggressive facial.

Always Carry Heels

The same look can be reworked for any situation by a simple switch of the shoe. Wear professional flats to the office, slinky high heels to the bar, and Nike cross-trainers to get into work as timely as possible, and pretend you’re coming from the gym. Nobody will know why you’re actually sore.

Don a Blazer

This classic workplace attire will class anyone up. Even a whore like you.
Remember: the right accessories make your perpetual outfit look like a choice, rather than the disgusting consequence of your vice-ridden, sad excuse for a life.