Introducing Mammalign™ – Nearly Invisible Nipple Alignment!

“Women are tired of having to rummage through their shirts to find their nipples. They’re ready for a cure.”


Just because you forge your own path, doesn’t mean your nipples have to! Now there is Mammalign™, the only non-surgical nipple redirection mold, designed to realign your deformed nipples without interrupting your life.


According to doctors, Nipple Misdirection affects nearly 1 in every 1.5 women. That’s why Mammalign’s patented MammaMold Technology© takes your crooked breasts and sculpts them over time, so that you can have dazzling, symmetrical chest you always dreamed of – without unsightly metal braces.



For years, women have suffered in silence, wondering, “where will my nipples fall today?” But at Mammalign™, we believe that life has enough uncertainties – nipple direction shouldn’t be one of them.


“Katie is a beautiful woman, but having to constantly search for her nipples was starting to affect our marriage,” says her husband Craig. “Now with Mammalign™, I know right where her nipples are, because they are locked in place by a solid plastic mold.”


With Mammalign™, you’ll never have to worry about misplaced nipples again! Get your nipples back in line with Mammalign™.