Summer’s Eve® Introduces New Clitoral Cleanser: ‘Just for Clits’

Summer’s Eve, purveyor of everyone’s favorite vaginal cleansing agents, has recently released a new cleanser specially formulated for the specific needs of your clitoris. It’s called Just for Clits™ and it’s about to make a big impact on a very small body part.


“The clitoris isn’t like normal skin,” a Summer’s Eve spokesperson informed us. “It’s a very special part of your body, and like every single other part of your body, it requires products made especially for it. Just for Clits™ is pH-balanced to the pH of your clitoris. The pH balance of your clitoris is extremely important for your overall health.”


So, what makes this cleanser unlike any other?


For one, it’s pH-balanced. Did we already say that? It’s extremely important. Second, it’s gentle—gentle enough for the most sensitive part of your body, unlike normal vaginal cleansing wash or any of your other, more general washes. Of course, do not use non-clitoris safe cleansers on your clitoris. The results of such an oversight could be detrimental to the health of your clitoris.


Just for Clits™ can be used in tandem with other washes, vaginal or otherwise. Simply avoid the clitoris while cleansing the rest of your vulva, then use Just for Clits™ at the end. Easy!



If you’re looking to give your clit or the clit of someone you love a little extra attention this holiday season, make sure to pick up a bottle at your local drugstore. Believe us—your clitoris will thank you.


And, if you like Just for Clits™, you’ll love the brand’s new Left Labia Minora Wash, coming out next year.


*Avoid applying Just for Clits™ to non-mucous membranes. Test Just for Clits™ on a small area of the clit before applying it to the targeted area.