Man Introduces Woman He’s Slept With for Six Months as ‘Friend’

Couple - Reductress

Sources close to Curtis Gomez, 27, and Rachel Abraham, 26, say that the former introduced the latter as his “friend” at a Super Bowl party last weekend, despite the fact that the two have been sleeping together since last August.


According to multiple reports, Gomez and Abraham arrived at 25-year-old Tyler Harris’ Seattle, WA apartment in the same green Toyota Corolla at 3:07 PM. Eyewitnesses say the two kissed inside the car, exited the vehicle, and approached the front door. The couples’ hands allegedly touched while walking, but Gomez responded by quickly stuffing his in his pockets as they neared the door. Upon entering the apartment, Gomez proceeded to hug a dozen or so people, introducing Abraham to those who asked as “my friend Rachel,” after which they registered a small yet discernable look of shock on Abraham’s face.


Sources familiar with the couple say the two have been sleeping together for six months after meeting on Tinder. Records of the two’s text messages reveal several clues that the couple is more than friends, including several nude pictures, heart emojis, and heavy use of the word “bae.”



Gomez appeared detached from Abraham throughout the afternoon, sitting on an ottoman while Abraham awkwardly sipped wine on a stool behind him. In one instance, Gomez jumped up and cheered following a Seahawks touchdown, and when Abraham tried to kiss him in his celebration, he leaned in aggressively to hug her and then quickly hugged others around the room.


When asked about the nature of their relationship, Gomez only said, “She’s cool. We hang out sometimes.”


Asked the same question, Abraham responded, “Curtis is my guy. He just doesn’t like PDA. When we’re all alone though he’s really sweet.”


“He kept talking about all these girls he’s been going out with, but he was really ambiguous about it,” said party host Harris. “He didn’t mention anyone specifically, just saying that he’s been dating a lot.”


“I asked him if his friend Rachel was single and if I should ask her out,” said friend Nick Schwartz. “He laughed and said I should go for it, but stared daggers at me the entire time I was talking to her.”


Said eyewitness Laura Montgomery: “That poor girl.”