Stretches You Need to Do From Carrying All the Emotional Weight in Your Relationship

Even if your relationship is great, you may be feeling a little exhausted and tense after carrying the emotional weight of your relationship around with you. It’s painfully heavy, and unfortunately, you’ve found yourself carrying all of it all by yourself. Don’t worry! These stretches will ease the aches and knots you’ve developed in your muscles from being the only one in your relationship who’s taking any initiative at all!


Toe Touch

Simply sitting with your feet in front of you and reaching for your toes is a great way to release all of the tension you’ve built up from being the only member of your two-person relationship who ever makes any decisions. You’d think Kevin would have an opinion on which movie to see at least one time, but wow, apparently you have to do everything, don’t you? Oh well. Just breathe in deep, and reach for your toes!


Downward Dog

This full-body stretch really works all of the muscles that have taken on the burden of forging all of the open communication in the relationship. You need an exercise like this to push through the fact that every time there’s in issue with Dennis, you’re the one who has to bring it up, and force any sort of emotion out of him. Make sure you get your butt up high to maximize the stretch on this one!


Runner’s Lunge

Your hamstrings are tight after years of reminding James to shut the kitchen cabinet when he’s done using it, put the seat down on the toilet, and do the dishes in hot water. He should be doing these things on his own, but he doesn’t, and your hammies have paid the price! Really lean in to this lunge to stretch out the pain from all of your emotional labor.


Upward Facing Dog

This stretch really works the entire torso – which you’ll really need after the burden constantly validating and supporting your partner with little to no reciprocation. Like when you told Mark how you’re conflicted about your career and want to leave your job and all he said was “okay.” Really, Mark?? Arch that back to dig in and release all of that pent up pain. Try screaming for a greater release!



Neck Roll

Oof! Your neck feels stiff from explaining how sexist micro-aggressions impact you and why they matter. Last time some guy catcalled you on the street Nick told you to just “let it go,” and didn’t entertain the notion of political dialogue. Even though you let him talk aalll about what a good campaign Bernie Sanders lead. A good neck crack should get rid of that burden in no time!


These stretches are relationship game changers! After relaxing these muscles, you’ll barely even notice that you, and you alone, carry the entire emotional weight of you relationship. Get to stretchin’!