4 Winter Activities That Are Still Less Fun Than Taking A Hot Shower For No Reason

Winter is just around the corner, and our first reaction is to bust out the electronic blankets and hibernate for the next four months, but fear not! There are plenty of fun ways to take advantage of the season. Try these timeless wintertime activities, all of which are totally fine, but ultimately less fun than standing under a hot shower, eyes closed, patiently waiting for winter to pass!


Ice Skating

Nothing says “wintertime magic” like lacing up your skates and zipping around an ice rink! Whether you’re wobbling like a toddler or are a regular Tara Lipinski, skating will make you forget about summertime altogether. And if that doesn’t work, step into your bathroom, crank the H knob on full blast, and let water splash all over your numb face until you feel something, anything, in the dead of winter. It’s okay if it burns a little!




Winter’s the perfect time to channel your inner kid, and nothing screams “childhood” like sledding! But with only four hours of cruel sunlight per day, what’s the point of doing literally anything outside of your shower? Instead of sacrificing your body to the cold, metal jaws of gravity, try washing your hair for the third time in 24 hours. Plus, it’s the perfect opportunity to, once again, consider whether you should just fucking move to Los Angeles.


Catching Snowflakes On Your Tongue

If you’re still into the idea of winter and want to achieve bare minimum yuletide magic, consider this very passive activity! Spending approximately 40 seconds outside while it’s snowing is excuse enough to—you guessed it!—pump that scalding H2O all over your shivering nude body. Sure, you’re wasting more water than an Equinox after New Years, but as a victim of choosing to live in the North, you’ve earned that right.


Baking Cookies

There’s something so homey and calming about fresh-baked cookies on a snowy winter day. Pro tip: Jump in the shower while your cookies are in the oven. That way, you and your cookies can experience similar levels of warmth. Hop out only to take your cookies out of the oven. Then nosh on that gooey, chocolate chip goodness mid-shower—Nothing beats hot, wet cookies!


Rag on winter all you want, but you simply can’t do these four things any other time of year. So, enjoy! Or, just waste water until your roommate thinks you’re dead. Totally up to you!