Soft Launch? Friend Suddenly Posting About Her Missing Boyfriend

Surprising friends and followers alike, Frankie Gold recently soft launched her boo-thing of six months with a sudden influx of stories and a grid post stating he has gone missing.


Okay, claim your man!


While Frankie has historically played her relationship close to her chest, sharing at most a photo featuring her boyfriend’s shadow, she has now gone full hog shouting her love and hope for his safe return from the rooftops.


“I did suspect Frankie was dating someone because she would post pictures of two plates in a restaurant,” says a high school acquaintance, Josia Rooney. “But I was kind of shocked to see her suddenly sharing his height, hair and eye color, and last outfit he was seen wearing all over socials.”


“Like, we get it, your boyfriend is 6’2”,” Josia adds. “But shouldn’t you wait till you go on a vacation together or at least to a wedding before you post to main? I just worry this ‘URGENT’ search will feel embarrassing if they break up within the year.”


However, Frankie is not letting the haters get inside her head or dictate her course of action.


“I have not heard from Liam in over 72 hours,” says the cuffed queen. “This is completely unlike him and I’m terrified and concerned. We’ve put in a missing person report, but I am really calling on my community to be vigilant and get the word out on this.”


The word is out alright! This boyf’s been soft launched into the stratosphere.


“Frankie has commitment and abandonment issues due to her absent father, so it makes me really happy to see her taking this major step,” says a close friend, Dina Marquez. “Of course, insisting that people share and repost her bf reveal does strike me as a bit tone deaf, particularly since I’ve been single for three years and she knows that.”



“But still,” Dina adds, “I’m happy for her. And I hope Liam comes back alive!”


Our prayers are with the recently official couple! But if he does come back, they better get engaged, because there’s no moving backward after this.