Woman Does Hot Girl Tumble Down 40 Flights of Stairs

Yesterday morning, 23-year-old Mia Jackson took the latest TikTok trend into her own hands by taking a Hot Girl Tumble down the entire length of her office building, and she looked drop dead gorgeous while doing it.


Mia, now laying in a hospital bed, said that she never would’ve imagined what this sexy fall would do for her self-esteem.


“Falling down 40 flights of industrial, fluorescent lit stairs is the sort of thing that can really bruise someone’s ego and organs,” Mia said. “But once I rebranded my fall yesterday to a ‘Hot Girl Tumble’, it felt so much more empowering. I even had the perfect outfit for it, which actually led to the fall because I was wearing eight-inch heels.”


For Mia, the fall had an emotionally and physically powerful impact.


“I would’ve normally got up after the first or second flight of stairs,” she said. “But I was lowkey obsessed with how beautiful I was when I was falling, and I just couldn’t stop! Now most of my bones are broken, but as soon as I heal, I can’t wait to do it all over again.”


While some people think that a Hot Girl Tumble is only for a photo op or a chance to wear a cute outfit, Mia explained that it actually allowed her to think about her goals and what she was grateful for, as well as the fact that she’s super hot.



“All that time falling really allowed me to reflect on my own life,” Mia told reporters. “While I was hitting my cranium on countless stairs for roughly 20 minutes, I was able to look back on my past decisions and plan out how I was going to achieve everything I want to in the future. I also think I could feel my brain bleeding?”


Despite her severe concussion, Mia hopes that others can take inspiration from her Hot Girl Tumble, and feel empowered to do the same.


“I’m definitely incorporating this into my daily routine,” she said. “It did wonders for my mental health, even though it essentially destroyed my body.”


At press time, Mia has taken another Hot Girl Tumble down the hospital stairs.