Women Latch Onto No Shave-uary Month for Uterine Fibroid Awareness

Thousands of women nationwide have volunteered to stop shaving in February in support of uterine fibroids, despite little or no personal interaction with the disease.
“Women were signing up before we could even mention uterine fibroids,” one No Shave-uary spokesman said. “No one has even asked what body part they’re supposed to be not grooming.”

She did see it as a stroke of public relations luck that the “powerful anti-Valentine’s Day lobby seems to have made uterine fibroids its pet cause.”
Participant Victoria Kim, who hasn’t shaved since New Year’s Eve, is grateful that she was tested for uterine fibroids as a result of the No Shave-uary publicity blitz. “It turns out I do have them,” she confesses, “but they don’t really require any treatment. They just go away on their own.”