Sexy Cat Eyes That Say ‘I Mark My Territory With Urine’

Your makeup can say a lot about you, your personality, and your habits around other sexually mature members of your species. If you’re a ballsy chick who’s not afraid to protect her turf, apply your eyeliner thick and cat-like. This way, he won’t be surprised when you’re so possessive of your space that you pee all over your belongings. Here are a few smoldering variations on the cat eye that will catch his eye and leave him saying, “Wow, I guess I should’ve known she would start peeing on stuff.”


Sophia Loren Cat Eye
1 sophia loren
Famous starlets are just like us: They get anxious and spray their urine in order to claim space! The timeless cat eye sported by Hollywood icon and territorial urinater Sophia Loren shows you’re a traditionalist. You keep things classic in your beauty routine and in your habit of communicating through scent—specifically, the scent of your own pee.



Thick-Into-Thin Cat Eye

2 haley bennett

A thick-into-thin cat eye is simple to apply, and also to telegraph to others that the stress of their presence may cause you to pee on the drapes. They’ll know better than to make you feel crowded! No one puts baby in a corner—that’s where baby pees.


Understated Cat Eye

3 understated

Try an understated cat eye if you want your new man to know “I pee on stuff, but only a tiny bit, and only if you leave it on the floor.”


Smoky Cat Eye

4 emily blunt

When you have a strong message to send but don’t have the vertical pupils of an actual cat, a sexy smoky cat eye is the perfect way to say, “I WANT YOU TO SMELL MY SCENT AND KNOW THAT YOU’RE NOT WELCOME HERE.”



Silver Cat Eye

5 silver

When you wink your sultry silver cat eye at him, he’s sure to invite you back to his place while also mentioning that “the white couch is off-limits” and “No. Down.”


Neon Cat Eye

6 neon

An updated take on the look of a cat, a neon cat eye lets him know you’ve still got a bit of wild animal in you, so he better be ready for rubbing, scratching, and light urination. This look lets him know, “It’s not that I don’t know where I’m supposed to pee, I’m just peeing here anyways.”


Ombré Cat Eye

7 ombre

Go for a subtle ombré cat eye to lure in the man who wants to hear, “Uh oh, looks like I haven’t been spayed.”


As Sophia Loren once said, “Sex appeal is 50 percent what you’ve got and 50 percent what people think you’ve got” and what you’ve got is a tendency to flip out and pee everywhere. So grab the eyeliner and own it!