REPORT: Your Friends Aren’t Mad at You, They’re Just Worried About You, Which Is Somehow Worse

In a developing story out of Portland, ME, it turns out that your friends aren’t actually mad at you, they’re just worried about you, which is somehow worse.


“I had come to terms with them being mad at me,” you told reporters. “It was actually fine. But when the narrative shifted and they told me that they were just worried about me, that’s when it became a real problem.”


The news came as you were preparing to confront your friends about your perceived anger from their end, which is really embarrassing looking back now.


“I had been hyping myself to have this big, dramatic confrontation,” you said, “where I accuse them of being mad at me because of how I always flake on plans and never respond to their texts or calls.”


“It’s so easy to avoid feeling guilty or experiencing any real emotions if you just get defensive and lash out when you think someone is mad at you,” you continued. “But if someone is worried about you? There’s no coming back from that – there’s nothing to say.”


Your friends confirmed that they want nothing but the best for you, and are simply worried that you are going through something.



“We just want to know the best way we can be there for her, you know?” one of your friends told reporters, while the rest of your friends stood behind them, nodding vigorously.


In response to the allegations that they were mad at you, your friends were incredulous.


“Mad at her? Oh my god, no! She’s the best. She’s an incredibly caring, kind friend, and it’s hard to watch her go through something that’s obviously really difficult for her.”


They also added that they didn’t care that you were super flaky, as long as you were taking care of yourself and “totally understood” if you needed to be alone to “have space to heal.”


You expressed that this was so much worse than if they had just been full-blown furious with you.


“I wish they would just be mad at me,” you said. “This is so much worse. Their kindness, acceptance, and understanding is really making me realize what a disaster I’ve been, and that is not something I was hoping to confront.”


At press time, your friends said that they would “always be there for you no matter what” which made you feel like a total piece of shit.