Real Life Meet-Cute? This Man Said Something Problematic to a Woman in a Bookstore

As someone who watched countless romantic comedies made in the early aughts, 31-year-old Melissa MacDonald always wanted to meet someone in a totally random-but-destined way even though she never thought it would happen to her. However, that all changed when she knocked over a small shelf in a New York City book shop and a man helped her to pick up the merchandise, saying, “Wow, you’re way too pretty to be in here reading books.”


After making his introduction, the man, named Benjamin, reportedly tried winning Melissa over with his humor. This unfortunately led to multiple fat jokes, an attempt at a blaccent, and various homophobic statements before he asked her out on a date.


“I was horrified,” Melissa told reporters. “I couldn’t believe someone could be that ignorant, but it was also so eerily close to the quotes from some of my favorite rom-coms that I just had to say yes!”


Wow! Just like in the movies!


“We talked for hours in that bookstore,” Melissa said. “He told me that I was taking my career too seriously, and that really rubbed me the wrong way, but I’m still attracted to him. I think it’s because that was the same predicament Anne Hathaway’s character dealt with in The Devil Wears Prada.”


Looks like Hollywood romance can happen anywhere!



After finally having her romantic dreams come true, Melissa also offered advice for anyone else out there who’s still looking for their very own leading man.


“If you want a romance that’s fit for an early 2000s movie starring Matthew McConaughey, all you have to do is listen,” she said. “As soon as you hear an offensive comment from a man joking around with his bros, or even a catcall that would’ve been deemed normal 20 years ago, go right up to the man who said it and strike up a conversation. You’ll be living out your rom-com dreams in no time!”


You heard it here first, folks – go out there and experience your own meet-cute fantasy!