QUIZ: Were Your Parents Really Hot Once or Were They Just Young?

We all want to believe that at some time between 1970 and 1990, our parents were absolute slamming hotties. Maybe you need to believe that you’re comprised of very hot genes; or if you’re biologically unrelated, maybe you need to think that the people who taught you so much of what you know about this world were once hot enough to do cool stuff that hot people do. Whatever the case, we can’t all be right. So take this quiz to find out once and for all, were your parents really hot once, or were they just like, young?


Aw, here’s a picture of your mom in her mid 20s. What are your thoughts?

  1. If she were this age today she would definitely wear a lot bold pants and have more Instagram followers than me.
  2. Oh, my God – so young!! Look at that skin, look at that hair – look at that smile. It’s like my mom but a young person. Incredible.


Next up is dad. First thing you notice?

  1. Hooo that jawline. That smolder. Who knew?
  2. Aww, he had hair, kind of!


It’s a picture of your parents together — the early days.

  1. Okay, what Nora Ephron rom-com is this a poster for? Did Rob Reiner direct this photograph? Gorgeous.
  2. Wow, look at those jeans! This style is amazing. Sort of John Hughes vibes, in that they are young people without wrinkles.


Mom and dad at the beach circa ’85. Immediate reaction?

  1. I shouldn’t even say what I’m thinking.
  2. Gosh, physical, developed photographs really are neat.




Mostly 1s: Okay, first off, you’re too into your parents in a way that’s gross. Like, everyone has their shit, but you, especially. Sexualize old pictures of your uncle or something, but leave mom and dad out of it. Anyway, with that said, it sounds (according to you) like your parents were actually hot once. Congratulations? Do you want us to tell you you’re hot, too? We can’t, and honestly, we shouldn’t.

Mostly 2s: It seems that more than being particularly hot, your parents just once held the features of youth. That’s okay! Hey, at least you’re not like the person who got mostly 1s, right? I mean, what’s their deal? Do you think they’re still reading this? Ah, whatever. Anyway, of course we think your mom was and remains beautiful!