QUIZ: Is Your Friend’s Social Media Silence Because She’s Sad or Because She’s Normal?

So your friend who posts regularly on social has gone quiet in the past month or two. Is she unusually sad in the wake of quarantine, or is she living a normal, fulfilling life in the real world? Take this quiz to figure out which:


When was the last time you heard from her?

  1. She usually texts a bit me every couple of days, but she has only sent me 1 meme about quarantine depression a week ago.
  2. She and I had a Zoom brunch together on Sunday, and she texted me today about this “book” she’s been reading.


What was your friend’s last social media post?

  1. There was a 3:00 a.m. tweet that said “Can’t sleep. Everything sucks.” Following that there was 1 retweet of an account titled “sad” that read “sad.”
  2. A week ago she posted an Instagram story of a sunset she saw during a 5-mile jog.


How often does your friend normally post?

  1. Usually, she loves all social media and posts on her story multiple times a day.
  2. She’ll post if something significant happens, and also completely unplugs regularly.


What has your friend been up to since quarantine started?

  1. When I texted her asking how things are going she said she hasn’t been able to get out of bed. She mentioned eating a lot of Frosted Flakes.
  2. She said she was thinking of training for a virtual half-marathon and was getting really into embroidery.


What do your friend’s Instagram captions look like?

  1. “Loved the rose mansion! Got to go with these cuties <3 #influencer #happy #ilovelife #dailygram”
  2. “Yosemite”





Mostly 1’s: Your friend might be sad. You should probably check in on your friend in whatever way you can, and also just let them know you’re there for them. People can be going through a lot without sharing it online, and it’s kind to reach out personally!


Mostly 2’s: Your friend, unlike you, is normal and uses social media in a healthy way. She has picked up a myriad of fulfilling hobbies during quarantine, and doesn’t rely on the dopamine-rush of social media validation to find worth in her life or herself. Go her! Maybe you should work on that.