QUIZ: Is This Man You’re Scared of Trusting an Ex or Nate Silver?

conerned man next to nate silver

A man has reentered your life and is promising things are different this time. You want to believe him, but you still feel some doubt in your gut. To understand that doubt better, take this quiz to find out if the man you’re scared of trusting is an ex or Nate Silver of the polling an analysis website, fivethirtyeight.


Has this man misled you in the past?

  1. Yes, he let me believe he had equal feelings for me the entire time we were dating.
  2. Yes, he said that a future with a female president was “likely to happen by 60%”


Has this man broken your heart?

  1. Absolutely.
  2. He completely crushed it into tiny pieces – something I’m reminded of every time I check his social media these days.


How long has it been since he’s come around?

  1. We haven’t spoken since he dumped me a year ago.
  2. It’s been four years since he left.


Has this man told you he’s worked on improving and has changed?

  1. Yes, he said he went to therapy and is doing better now.
  2. Yes, he said the polls have made sufficient changes and have largely fixed the shortcomings from 2016. He said he’s doing better now.


Do you feel like you can trust him?

  1. I want to, but I can’t.
  2. I want to, but I can’t.




Mostly 1’s

The man who has reentered your life is an ex-boyfriend. Only you know your past, but it sounds like you have serious doubts about him if you’ve taken this quiz. Maybe don’t go back to that relationship again.

Mostly 2’s

The man who has reentered your life is Nate Silver of fivethirtyeight. He has come back this presidential election with new promises, but you’ve been burned once before. Take what he says with whatever statistical grain of salt he thinks you should take it with.

Mix of 1’s and 2’s

Your ex is Nate Silver, and that’s on you to deal with.