4 Affirmations to Help You Cope with Never Being as Good as Sarah Paulson

sarah paulson

We’re all our own worst critics, and everyone slips into negative self-talk and thoughts from time to time, especially when we compare ourselves to someone objectively so much better than us at everything. If this experience sounds familiar, try centering and uplifting yourself with these four affirmations that may help you cope with the fact that you’ll never, ever be as good as beloved actress Sarah Paulson.


“I am and have everything I need in this moment.”

Take a depth breath. You’re here. You’re doing it. You’re taking care of a full human person: yourself, and that’s amazing. Of course, somewhere in the world esteemed actress and perfect person Sarah Paulson is also breathing and existing, and that sort of makes your whole thing seem, like, whatever. But it’s not a competition, and thank God it isn’t because you would lose to SP every time.


“I am exactly where I need to be.”

You are on your own journey, and you’re right on time. Remembering that your final destination and the path to it are unique to you will aid you in accepting that you’ll never be as good at anything as Sarah Paulson is at everything she does. That’s not one of the stops along your journey! Focus on the things you can do, like maybe you can draw an eye really well or consistently make moist banana bread. Sarah Paulson can probably do those too, but still.



“I am important.”

Every single person is an essential piece of the puzzle of the universe, including you. For example, Sarah Paulson’s immense talent and clear-headed confidence as a queer public figure are important contributions to the world, and then you’re there, too, watching her in stuff and looking at pictures of her online while you eat leftover pasta for breakfast, probably. We all have our place.


“I am loved.”

Not like Sarah Paulson is loved by millions of fans, or was loved by Cherry Jones and currently Holland Taylor — relationships that make her even cooler and hotter to us, and also for some reason make her seem really smart, which obviously she is. And so beautiful. And so well dressed. But still! Your friends probably love you, and maybe some members of your family? We don’t really know what your whole situation is.


So never forget how special and worthy you are just for being you. You may not be as good as Sarah Paulson, but on the plus side, neither is anyone else. She’s sort of the great equalizer in that way. God, she’s the best.