Quiz: Is Someone Sneaking Up On You Or Do You Just See Your Own Bangs?

You did it – you got bangs and they fucking WERK for your face! But now you have this sneaking suspicion that someone in your periphery is sneaking on you. Uh oh! Here’s how to tell if someone is creeping ‘round the corner or if you just saw a flash of your own hair falling juuuust into the corner of your eye.


When you had this sensation that something was up were you…

  • Standing upright in your kitchen washing dishes and singing to yourself while a mysterious figure lurked behind you.
  • Looking down at the dishes with your angled bangs framing your view.


The last you checked, the people in this apartment were:

  • Just you, and possibly a dangerous intruder.
  • Just you and your bangs!


You also heard a suspicious noise. Was it…

  • Almost like soft footsteps on the creaky floor.
  • The soft rustling of hair near your temple, which can be super scary in the right context.



If you just got stoned alone at home, was it because you…

  • Just needed to relax. There’s been a lot of pressure at work and people unreasonably mad at you. Like, threateningly mad…
  • Wanted to work up the courage to trim your own bangs. You did, like, an okay


If you got…


Mostly A’s:


Someone is Def Sneaking up on You!

Watch out! There is more than meets the eye to these bangs. Because they are literally preventing you from realizing that someone is about to sneak the fuck up on you!! Stay safe and get shorter bangs next time.


Mostly B’s:


It’s Just Your Bangs, Girl!

Maybe it’s time for a trim? You can’t keep panic calling your hot neighbor over to take a look. Or maybe you can? But seriously, trim your bangs. You’re freaking everyone out.