Life Hack: Make Friends as an Adult by Dressing up Like a French Bulldog

Making friends as an adult can be hard: You don’t have common meeting areas like schools and dorms to be thrown together and form close bonds. But since meaningful friendships are vital, you may need to take matters into your own hands. How? By dressing up as a French bulldog because everybody fucking loves a French bulldog and if you look like one, people will stop to chat and pat you. Here’s how:


Step 1: Buy a Leash

So you want to look like an adorable French bulldog that people will cross the street to gawk and coo at. Make sure you’re on a leash so people feel safe in your presence. Even though bulldogs are small and adorable, an off-leash dog is a red flag and will make potential grownup friends cautious in your presence.


Step 2: Have a Good Story About why You’re in this Costume

Obviously, as people approach, they’ll realize you’re a person and not a dog. This is where things get tricky – you’ve caught their attention but now you need to not scare them off. Bonus points if your story emphasizes that you are also a dog lover. Say you’re promoting a local shelter (it’s okay if the shelter doesn’t know you’re doing this – it’s free publicity!). You need to let them know you’re not insane, but also not a French bulldog!



Step 3: Know Some French Bulldog Facts

You’ve cheated people out of an actual French bulldog encounter, so it’s important to give them a taste of this perfect little pig breed. Maybe you know that there are two styles of ears. Maybe you know where they can spot some real ones locally. You’ll want to establish a discourse that will make this new friend want to hang out with you and bond over French bulldogs, which everybody clearly loves.


You did it! You found friends. And all you had to do is be a cute wittle ruffy puppy. See? It’s not that hard! Get out there!