QUIZ: Is He The One or Did He Return His Puppy to The Shelter?

It can be hard to know if that handsome, kind man you just met is really as good as he seems. Is there more behind his good looks? Does he call his mother? Does he give to charity? Will he stay devoted to you forever? Or did he just return his pandemic puppy to the shelter because he’s “busy” now? Take this quiz to find out:


How does he feel about commitment?

  1. He definitely likes to take things slowly, ask himself good questions, and only commit to things that he really cares about.
  2. He has lived in seven apartments in the past seven years.


Does he have any pets?

  1. Yes! He has a cat named Paws who is 16 years old, who he loves!
  2. Not that I can see, other than this dog bed that looks like it was forgotten under his couch.


If he likes taking walks in the park, is he…

  1. Doing it because it’s his ritual to reflect on his day, get a taste of nature, and get some light exercise?
  2. Doing it because he just dropped the rescue puppy he spent a year with on the doorstep of the shelter, because he has no sense of the gravity of loving something vulnerable and then callously letting it go, and will instead spend the day drinking with friends to dull the faint pang of guilt in the back of his mind?


What do his friends say about him?

  1. He’s a good friend, fun to be around, and is an all-around good guy!
  2. I’ve only met one of them, and they’re not on speaking terms right now over something to do with a dog.




Mostly 1’s – He’s The One! Hold onto this one, cause he’s a keeper! This guy seems commitment-minded, and definitely not the type to just abandon a living thing because he doesn’t feel like taking care of it anymore.

Mostly 2’s – This guy definitely abandoned a puppy. Run for the hills, or maybe call the cops! This guy would 100% return you to the shelter and say he was “allergic” or something, the minute a better opportunity came around. He is a unique type of bad person that you will only understand after years of dating. Stay away while you can! And call PETA!!