QUIZ: Is He Going to Therapy Because You Suggested it or Because He Started Watching ‘The Sopranos?’

So your boyfriend is finally going to therapy – congrats! He’s about to enter a world of honest self-reflection and healthy dialogue with a trained professional. But did he finally give in because of your sincere pleading after months of problematic behavior, or because he finally watched all six seasons of The Sopranos for the first time. Take this quiz to find out:


What kind of therapist was your boyfriend looking for?

  1. Someone with a background in substance use and family therapy, with a focus on cognitive behavioral therapy.
  2. An attractive middle-aged woman with kind eyes.


When did he finally say he’s willing to try it?

  1. About a day after a difficult argument you both had where he shut down emotionally.
  2. Right after watching the episode in the first season where Tony confesses his love for and attraction to his therapist, who is attractive.



How is your boyfriend’s relationship with his mother?

  1. Pretty good, actually – he just has some personal issues he needs to work out.
  2. Complicated and weird.


How does your boyfriend perceive himself?

  1. As kind of a nice guy who was socialized into hiding his feelings, like a lot of people socialized as men growing up.
  2. As a hard, complicated, dangerous man with incredible power, who just needs the love of a woman to feel whole.



Mostly 1’s – Looks like you inspired him to go to therapy! Good for you! This isn’t always easy, and we’re stoked that your partner is willing to take this step to make his life better!

Mostly 2’s – Looks like he thinks he’s Tony Soprano! Head for the hill, babe! Your beau definitely thinks he’s a mob boss and probably isn’t aware of his complex mommy issues that he never fully dealt with before. Better head for the hills before this becomes a Breaking Bad type situation.