QUIZ: Is He Hot or Does He Just Look Like He’d Be Easy to Radicalize?

People often conflate the concept of “hotness” with some other underlying aspect of an individual’s demeanor. Whether they have cool style, a charming personality, or eyes that say, “I think I’m a socialist, but I don’t know enough about it to be sure” – someone’s attractiveness isn’t always solely based upon their physical appearance. This can make it difficult, for example, to distinguish whether your attraction to someone stems from an actual appreciation of their good looks, or from an immediate sense that they could be fully on board with radical progressive initiatives in 10 minutes, tops. Take this quiz to find out which one it really is.


What’s the first thing that attracted you to him?

  1. His smile. I bet he’s never had a dentist tell him he needs to floss more – and I like that.
  2. His almost palpable receptiveness to engaging in overtly anti-capitalist discourse, without an apparent understanding that it was anti-capitalist discourse. 


What’s his vibe?

  1. Confident and cool, maybe a bit aloof. He’s pretty much how you’d expect a standard, conventionally attractive guy to be.
  2. He’s quiet but engaging, perceptive but open, unguarded – like a little lamb. I see myself in him, and I know with the right encouragement, I could get him to subscribe to the ideals of the Communist Party. 



Why would you want to talk to him?

  1. I think I’d just want to get to know him a little more, and then, if things are going well, maybe see if he’d want to go on a date sometime? I’m usually pretty straightforward when I’m attracted to people.
  2. I’d want to engage him in a seemingly innocuous conversation before slowly introducing small comments about how our government is failing us as a people to see how he reacts. From there, I think I’d have a pretty good gauge on how much of a push he’d need to become fully radicalized. Is that too flirty?


What do you think when you look at him?

  1. Probably something along the lines of, “That’s an attractive man” or “Okay, hottie alert!” – just speaking in terms of physicality, of course.
  2. “I bet all it would take to totally radicalize this man is a brief 30-minute conversation, an overpriced cocktail, and some heavy eye contact.”



Mostly 1’s: Nice! This guy’s a certified babe, no doubt about it. While he might also be able to become radicalized, if he’s not already, your attraction to him is first and foremost due to his nice face and clean teeth. Go chat him up and see what he’s about!

Mostly 2’s: So, this guy’s just a light breeze away from stumbling headfirst into complete radicalization, and the attraction you’re feeling toward him is born solely out of your desire to play a role in his ideological awakening. He might actually be a good-looking guy, but you’ll never be able to tell until he’s completely unearthed his desire to rebel against an oppressive system. So, do both of yourselves a favor and go see what you can do about his stance on the labor movement – then you can take a step back and decide if you really want to take this relationship any further.