QUIZ: Is He Cute or Did He Just Agree With You?

So, you’ve got a crush on the new guy at work. He stands up for you in meetings and always has your back during group work projects. Suddenly, you find yourself thinking: Wait, is this the hottest man alive? But how can you tell if your connection is real? Take this quiz to find out if he’s cute or if he just agreed with you, even though it’s kind of the same thing!


When did you first notice you liked him?

1. The moment I laid eyes on him! My heart just started to flutter. 

2. Hmm, I hadn’t given him a second thought until just now when I slacked the office, “Cher does something really interesting with the pop form,” and he replied, “I’ve got to agree with her here, guys.” Swoon!


What’s his best quality?

1. Probably a tie between his gorgeous face and his beautiful soul. 

2. His opinions! They’re great because they’re mine. 


Be honest. Do you like the way he looks?

1. Yes! He’s got these big brown eyes and fluffy hair and…oh, I’m blushing!

2. No, but I love the way he sounds. Like when he says, “You’re so right, the deep sea is scarier than outer space.”


Does he bring something new to the table? 

1. Yes! His interests are so different from mine. I think we complement each other super well. 

2. Mmm, no. It’s kind of like looking in a mirror. But I love that about him! That’s his whole thing!


Have you ever felt this way about anyone else?

1. No! Not this quickly, at least. I think I’m in love!

2. Yeah, pretty much anyone who takes my side or defends me or shares my opinions or agrees with – oh, okay I see what you mean. 




Mostly 1s: You think he’s cute, so go get him, girl! Run to him in the rain, tell him he’s all you’ve ever wanted, and maybe go on a first date or something!

Mostly 2s: You only think he’s cute because he will not stop agreeing with you. And look, there’s nothing wrong with that! Except for the fact that having a crush on him is functionally equivalent to having a crush on yourself. But “love yourself,” and all that, so who are we to interfere? Mazel tov!