QUIZ: Is Everyone FaceTiming Without Me?

During this period of social distancing I’m prioritizing, I’m prioritizing self-care. For me, that means deep cleaning, mindful consumption of nourishment and media alike, and reduced screen time. But I’m also prioritizing awareness, which is why I really need to be aware of whether or not everyone is FaceTiming without me?? Here’s a quiz that I made myself to find out. Haha – I have so much free time :)


Have I seen any Instagram stories of people FaceTiming?

A.) Yes, I have seen several FaceTime screenshots on my acquaintances’ IG stories, not confirming that my friends are FaceTiming without me, but definitely suggesting the possibility.

B.) I haven’t been mindlessly watching Instagram stories because I’m busy journaling and nailing a yoga pose that’s never been accomplished by anyone before because I invented it.


Have I noticed any references in the group chat that I don’t fully understand?

A.) Um, yeah, what was that recurring inside joke about all of us fleeing to Western Canada? I don’t recall the inception of that plan…

B.) I probably missed some of the gibber-gabber because I was so engrossed in the challenging yet rewarding literary fiction I’m reading at the moment.


Am I losing my mind from lack of social contact?

A.) Definitely a little.

B.) Would someone losing their mind be making vegan pancakes out of only canned pumpkin and lima beans right now? Oh, did I mention I’ve been taking 3 solid poops per day? The Best Life restaurant just called, they’ve got a reservation for me. Does that scan? God, remember restaurants?


Should I just FaceTime a friend?A

A.) Yes! Take matters into your own hands.

B.) Nah, I’ll just talk to my canned pumpkin. He’s actually pretty hot, in like an unconventional way.



Mostly A’s: It’s possible everyone is FaceTiming without you, but you’ve just got to dive in there. You have nothing to lose but your mild paranoia.

Mostly B’s: WAKE UP, BITCH. Everyone is definitely FaceTiming without you and what’s worse is you’re pretending to be okay with it. Go take this quiz again until you get mostly A’s. And throw away the canned pumpkin. I’m worried about you, me.