QUIZ: How Bad is the Delta Variant? Like Really Bad Or…?

With news of the Delta variant of COVID-19 spreading worldwide, many are wondering how dangerous the variant actually is. Obviously it’s not good, but is it like, bad, bad? Will you get sick, die, is it totally fine? Take this quiz to find out!


Are you vaccinated?

  1. Yes
  2. Half-way there!
  3. No, I’m not “anti-vax”, I’m just waiting to see how everyone who got it holds up longterm…


What do you like to do for fun?

  1. Hang out at home, or see a couple close friends
  2. I mostly just hang with friends and go to bars sometimes. Is that okay? Is that bad? Tell me please….
  3. Lollapalooza


Do you wear a mask when you’re in public?

  1. Yes, especially indoors
  2. I’m so sick of masks! I still wear them, though, but really wouldn’t want to go back to masking fulltime….is that….likely?
  3. Nope! Covid is over!


How often do you wash your hands and/or use hand sanitizer

  1. Constantly
  2. But we shouldn’t overdo it. Like, we should be trying to build up our immune systems again? Because the worst is over and everything’s going to be okay, or…?
  3. After the bathroom sometimes


How bad do you think the Delta variant is?

  1. Really bad
  2. I’ve been avoiding reading any news about it and hoping I can continue to do that till it’s over! Is that…good or?
  3. The what?




Mostly 1s: The Delta Variant is probably as bad as you think it is. Just keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll be fine!

Mostly 2s: You might wanna be a little more cautious. You ignoring the Delta Variant does not mean it’s not happening. We know you don’t like it; no one likes COVID except Andrew Cuomo. Just read one news article.

Mostly 3s: The Delta Variant is really really bad. Way worse than you think it is. Please stop going to musical festivals.