QUIZ: Can You Tell Which One of These Bats is the One I Used to Ruin Rob’s Car?

Since Rob is a backstabbing jerk, I recently smashed the windows of his car with a baseball bat. Do you think you can guess which of the following bats I used to expel my anger and cost Rob’s hundreds and hundreds of dollars to repair? Find out in this quiz below!


Did I use… A. Louisville Slugger Catalyst Baseball Bat (slugger.com, $199.99)

Louisville Sluggers are a famous brand of baseball bats. This bat is modern, and expensive, so it’s obviously very good for smashing home runs and the windows of a guy who “wanted to explore sexually” with my best friend Kayla. It would certainly be just what I needed in a fit of rage to significantly damage Rob’s 2003 Honda Civic.


Or did I use… B. Franklin Sports 25″ Inferno Teeball Bat, Pink (Walmart, $17.90)

I’ve never played baseball before, so a Teeball bat would be a good option for me to start swinging with! This bat is lightweight and pink, so it’s more practical and fashionable to carry around. Plus, it’s a bargain. Do you think it could be the one I destroyed all four windows of Rob’s gross car with? The one where he most definitely got a BJ from Kayla while I was out of town?


Maybe I used…C. Easton S1 Big Barrel Bat (Dicks Sporting Goods, 149.97)

Let me tell you, this bat is ENORMOUS. It’s hefty and could easily shatter the windows and headlights I shattered while screaming, “FUCK YOU ROB!” Plus it’s from Dicks and Rob is a total dick. Are you thinking that this is too top-heavy to ruin Rob’s stupid car?


Or maybe it was…D. Some Random Wooden Bat I Found on the Street (Free)

It would be super convenient to get a bat for free on the street. Plus a wooden bat would provide a vintage look to my fit of anger. May this is the bat that shattered glass like Rob shattered my heart??




If you guessed option C, you’re correct! I absolutely needed the power from that to completely ruin Rob’s car and feel emotionally satisfied. If you guessed A, B, or D, you’re wrong but you’re welcome to use those bats to fuck Rob’s car up even more. Trust me; he deserves it!!