Should You Kiss His Roommate On The First Date?

You’re on a first date, and it’s business as usual—until he asks you back to his place. A million questions start racing through your head: Should you kiss his roommate? Actually, that’s the only question you have at the moment. Take this quiz to find out what to do:


1. Is your date’s roommate home?

  • a) No, therefore it is physically impossible to touch him with my mouth.
  • b) Yes. He and I are occupying the same space at the same time.
  • c) Yep! He’s just chillin’ on the floor.


2. Is your breath fresh enough to kiss?

  • a) No. It tastes like coffee from my coffee date, which I am technically still on.
  • b) Yes. I always have gum in case I decide to kiss!
  • c) No, but neither is his!


3. Can you go somewhere private?

  • a) Not really—this apartment is small!
  • b) Yes, though I bet my date will know where I am.
  • c) I could take him out for a walk?


4. Is there sexual tension between the two of you?

  • a) No, but there is between my date and me.
  • b) Yes, I’m ready to burn bridges.
  • c) It’s hard to tell! He’s barking.


5. Are you willing to make the first move?

  • a) No, I’m more traditional. I like when guys pay for dinner and hold doors.
  • b) Yes. I will have to, because what kind of asshole makes a move on his roommate’s date?
  • c) Yes—I’m like three times bigger than him.


6. Are you okay with potentially hurting your date’s feelings?

  • a) No, that would be terrible. He’s a really nice guy.
  • b) Who?
  • c) He’ll totally get it—he’s clearly in love with the little guy too!





If you answered mostly A’s: You’re not ready to kiss his roommate. Stay on your current date and see where that goes!


If you answered mostly B’s: You’re totally ready to kiss his roommate on the first date! Just remember: this is how all couples met before online dating. Have fun!


If you answered mostly C’s: I think you’re talking about your date’s dog, which is different than a roommate. Don’t date a dog.