QUIZ: Are Your Parents Rich Enough for You to Start a Clothing Line?

Have you ever thought about starting your own clothing line? Good for you! Of course, there will be haters who try to discourage you because you’ve never even been near a sewing machine. But the truth is, none of that matters as long as your parents are rich enough. Not sure if they are? Take this quiz to find out!


Do you pick clothing based on utility and what you can afford?

a.) Yeah, probably comfort too. Need to make sure I’m actually gonna wear it.

b.) No. I have special eye for “weird” pieces. And when I am in a hurry and need to get a gown quickly, I use an app called GownHound that my friend Wharton designed. (He’s not named after the school, the school’s named after his great grandfather).


How do you complete menial tasks, like getting prescription medications renewed?

a.) I go to the pharmacy.

b.) Stuff like that upsets and stresses me out, I can never find any parking! Last time I was trying to replace my passport (really funny story – it fell off the side of the yacht), it was impossible to figure out and I ended up on the phone with my mom in tears in the middle of the day!


Can you keep garments clean?

a.) Most of the time. My building’s washer and dryer is an antique, so usually I carry my dirty laundry in a sack down to the laundromat.

b.) Yes, of course! I try to eat slowly and savor things. And even if I do end up dropping a bit of cavi on myself, Marisol takes care of it! She’s the literal best!



Where did you vacation in the summer growing up?

a.) The pool at the YMCA near my house?

b.) Which summer? The one we spent in Dubai or the one we spent at our country house outside Paris?


The Results!


Mostly A’s: Sorry bud, but I don’t think you grew up with the amount of nepotism and easily accessible funding needed to start a clothing line. Looks like you’ll have to stay in the Zara pants you splurged for. Better luck in the next life.


Mostly B’s: OMG! Your parents are rich enough for you to start a clothing line! Time to start uploading those Instagram story teasers of a fabric house in Corona, CA. Congrats, you overnight business owner, you!