9 Sea Creatures Who Want You to Love Your Weird, Lumpy Body Just the Way it Is Right Now

In our beauty-obsessed, media-soaked culture, it’s easy to feel like your odd little body isn’t good enough. Everywhere you look, there’s a Photoshopped model in a bikini to compare yourself to. Well, these adorable sea-dwelling animals think you’re perfect just the way you are! They’re here to overwhelm you with body acceptance so that when you look at your bloated form in the mirror, you feel nothing but gratitude and pride. Here are some ocean-dwelling friends who have your back, even if it is kind of slopey:


  1. This Manatee


This manatee doesn’t want you to fret over those fat rolls. Even so-called “beautiful people” have insecurities about their stomachs! The important thing is that your stomach contains lots of awesome organs that keep you healthy. Take it from this manatee.


  1. This Pregnant Male Seahorse


This pregnant male seahorse doesn’t want you to beat yourself up over the fact that your stretchmark-covered post-baby body looks like someone used your skin as an Etch-A-Sketch.


  1. This Seal


This seal thinks you wear your low-swinging breasts well, and wants you to know that if you weren’t so insecure about them, they’d be even sexier! This seal knows that nothing is hotter than confidence.


  1. This Sea Turtle


This sea turtle wishes that you too had a sizeable shell in which to hide from society’s unjust standards of beauty. But she also totally loves your shiny hair and thinks you have super pretty eyes.



  1. This Squid


This squid just put down a struggling crab to tell you that you don’t need a flat stomach to rock a bikini. It’s time to bust the myth of the “bikini body” and celebrate that every body is worthy of showing off (if that’s what makes you happy)! This squid wants you to know that.


  1. This Sea Sponge


This sea sponge misidentified you as a potential mate because of how closely the craterous cellulite on your ample behind resembles his own ostia. Hear that? This sea sponge thinks your cellulite makes you more bangable! Take that, beauty standards!



  1. This Blue Whale


This blue whale likes your surprisingly dense body hair because it resembles his own baleen. Think of your bushy covering as an additional utensil with which you can shovel food particles into your cavernous gullet—that’s what this blue whale does! Plus, you’re flexible enough to lick your leg! See? Your body is amazing.


  1. This Narwhal


This narwhal essentially has an enormous pointy dick on his forehead and he still has more body confidence than you! He thinks that is quite ironic. All he wants is for you to come to terms with your strong, handsome face, just like he has.


  1. This Plankton


To this plankton, the sizeable pores on your nose represent the concept of infinity, much like bottomless depths of the sea. Hear that? You’re inspiring, just the way you are!


Hopefully, you’re now at peace with your figure—in case your prayers to Poseidon for a more socially acceptable body go forever unanswered.