QUIZ: Are You Postfeminist or Are You Just Not Feminist?

As we try to orient ourselves and our identities in this quickly evolving culture, it can be difficult to keep up with every definition or wave of a dominant political and social theory. If you’re not sure where you currently stand in relation to feminism, you can take this handy quiz to find out if you’re operating from a school of evolved post-feminist thought or if you’re simply not a feminist.


What’s up with feminism currently?

  1. We still have a ways to go. We have seen firsthand the failures of first, second, and third-wave feminism. As we move toward a better practice of intersectionality, we can take what serves us from feminist history and move beyond this framework.
  2. I think it’s over. Like, we won, right?


What’s up with gender currently?

  1. We’re evolving toward a humanism that represents and celebrates gender diversity.
  2. Basically men and women are equal now, thanks to feminism, which we no longer need.


Is the agency of the individual more important than the standing of the collective?

  1. This is the sort of neoliberal feminism that brought us to postfeminist schools of thought.
  2. I just want to do what I want and get paid.


What is postfeminism?

  1. I’m really not sure.
  2. No idea.




Mostly 1s: You might be postfeminist? Like “biweekly” or “nice”, postfeminist is a word that can mean one thing or sort of the opposite of that thing. No one knows for sure. Not even Judith Butler knows! Sometimes, we’re really all just saying things.



Mostly 2s: Okay, we’re definitely leaning toward you just not being feminist, but once again, we’re not totally sure what any of this means. Maybe you’re the most postfeminist person ever actually? Quick: What’s a woman?