Powerful Women We Refuse To Critique In Any Meaningful Way So We’ll Just Call Them All Badasses

If you’re anything like, us, you’re tired of hearing women being described as “nice,” “sweet,” and “overly emotional.” We’re well aware that women are just as tough as men—tougher, even! And for these eight powerful women, there’s only one appropriate descriptor: BADASS. Yes, these openly feminist public figures completely embody what it means to be badass. And as far as we’re concerned, that’s the only necessary adjective, since their long-term social impact is complex and we simply don’t feel like getting into that!


Amy Schumer

A problematic voice for white pseudo-feminism that’s co-opted pop culture’s conception of gender equality? Hm, well, that’s a lot to unpack, and we’re not going to do that. But one thing’s for sure: Schumer has achieved full-blown badassery in the most badasss of senses! You go, girl!!



Michelle Obama

The first African-American First Lady of the United States encapsulates what so many women strive for: being a badass, in the most compete and vague sense of the word. Some would call Michelle a paradigm-shifting political figure who rocked the course of American history. But not us, since we don’t fully understand nuance or socio-historical criticism. So badass!


Hillary Clinton

In a word? Badass. Hillary’s a pretty straightforward one. We can all agree that Hillary Clinton’s a badass and just leave it at that without dissecting her policies. Because, seriously—HIKING? In the WOODS? So fucking badass.



Haha! Wow! Such. A. BADASS. (We don’t fully remember who this is.)


Kerry Washington

Sure, we may be full-on conflating this actor about whom we know nothing with her Scandal character, Olivia Pope. But is that any really reason to not crown her a total fucking badass? Of course not!


Any pregnant woman who lifts weights

Okay, this is peak badass. She could be a puppy-killing, fascist, Cosby apologist for all we care—any woman with a baby bump and free weights will put us in a bad bitch-induced coma. We’re quivering with badass delight over here!


Ruth Bader Ginsberg

The Supreme Court is pretty boring and doesn’t feel like it actually has any impact on our own, privileged lives. But we do know that we have to include Notorious RBG on this list because the internet says so! Yaaaaaaas Judge Judy!


Brittney Griner

Honestly? We Googled “badass women” like five minutes before running this article and Brittney Griner game up. Not sure what the deal is here but she’s gay and plays basketball so FUCK SHE’S SUCH A FUCKING BADASS.


Dang—we got chills just writing this list. These women inspire us to be our most badass selves, not that we really understand what that means in any tangible way. And just remember, if a woman so much as bench-presses once or holds a full-time job, the only word to describe her is badass!