Passive-Aggressive Love Notes for Your Bae

handwritten letter - reductress

Being a 21st century woman means two things: you’re busy, and you’re terrified of confrontation. It’s hard to keep the fire in your relationship and discuss problems with your bae. To help, we’ve devised some perfectly passive-aggressive love notes to fix your problems via subtle jabs and bullying for your sexy boo. Use these sassy lil’ notes so your bae can get the message without having to really say anything:


“I love you like your mother loves calling your cell phone when we’re out.”


Rather than saying, “Do you think she purposely waits until 8 p.m. on Fridays to call you? Does she not like me? You can tell me if she doesn’t like me,” simply text this sweet little note to bae’s phone mid-conversation.


“You are so cute when you just try a little bit.”


Your bae has so much potential. If he’d just get off the couch once in awhile, you could maybe see not dumping him after the holidays. Simply place this note on his Xbox controller and all your problems will be solved.



“You make me want to be a better person than your friend Sarah.”


Who is she, anyway? Why does he hang out with her so much? This note tactfully conveys to bae that he’s important to you, but that other women who are important to him are not as good as you.


“You are beautiful in almost every single way.”


You want bae to know he’s handsome. Baes need that reassurance. But you also need him to know that he looks better with his hair shorter, and that you know a good barber if he would just go.


Whatever the problem, the solution is always a combination of sweet nothings and mean somethings. You and bae are going to make it!