Oops! What Missing An Abortion Appointment Might Mean For You Down The Road

We’re busy people: We wake up, go to work, pin recipes, have post-work drinks, find a cab home, order drive-thru tacos from the cab, eat the tacos, check Tinder, have mediocre sex with a stranger and then do it all over again! From feeding the dog to seeing the doctor, there are many things that can easily fall to the wayside. But there’s one doctor’s visit you should never skip out on: your abortion.


Research has shown that almost 100% of skipped abortion appointments will lead to big problems down the road. Scientifically speaking, when you miss an abortion, the fertilized egg will continue to grow inside you until it’s a fully formed fetus. Sound scary? It is, especially when the baby decides to exit your womb and you find yourself in a world of pain (not to mention the hospital bills!). Dr. Linda Helms elaborates: “Generally, an abortion is done to terminate a pregnancy, so you can expect to stay pregnant if you don’t go through with the procedure.”


So how do you remember to actually do it? Dr. Helms shares a few tips:


Set an alarm!
Waking up, getting ready, and leaving your home to go to your abortion are key to successfully getting your abortion.


Find a buddy!
If you know someone else who needs an abortion, then make a plan to go together. You’ll each be twice as likely to get it done.



Make a note!
Attach a note to your lunch or computer screen so you remember to make an appointment in the first place.


Write it on your hand!
Just be sure not to wash off the reminder until that abortion is complete!


As previously mentioned, getting that abortion means avoiding the birth of a child that is legally yours. So missing that appointment could result in a lifetime of other appointments that you won’t want to bother with – feeding and raising the child, getting to their graduation, and even remembering the births of their children! At the very least, you’ll have a very important appointment with the adoption agency. So don’t delay the inevitable – get your butt to that abortion appointment!